Cheap Finance Peer Loan

Cheap Finance is a peer-to-peer loan service that works with private individuals to lend money to other private people. This is a more personalized and even cheaper way to apply for a loan.

The loan amounts applied for are USD 500 – 15,000 over a period of 2 to 7 years.

Once you have completed your loan application, the application will be competed with up to 30 different banks and finance companies, and if you opt for a Cheap Finance loan, you will decide on the interest rate, loan amount and payment term.

Does not need a separate security


The applicant does not need a separate security or personal guarantee for the loan, but the investors decide on the application to go to finance your loan.

Uncompetitive loans were provided by Cheap Finance Loan Services and 30 other loan providers. You can quickly see what kind of loan suits your loan needs.

Cheap Finance works closely with well-known Finnish banks and finance companies. Compare loan offers and choose the best loan!

Cheap Finance Key Information:


  • Peer Loan – Loans from individuals.
  • I age is 20 years.
  • Borrow 500 – 15,000 USDos.
  • The loan has a repayment term of 2 – 7 years.
  • Loan without collateral or guarantee.
  • The borrower is free to determine the interest rate of his loan.
  • Apply for a loan on your own terms.
  • Example Loan: For a typical USD 4,000 and 4 year loan, the full repayment amount is USD 5,629 including a $ 250 brokerage fee and a USD 10 / month account management fee. KSL’s effective annual interest rate on the loan is 23.8%.

Who can be granted a loan from Cheap Finance?


  • The applicant must be a Finnish citizen with clean and well-kept credit history.
  • Applicants must have a regular income and at least 20 years of age.

Lenders, based on their own search criteria, provide the applicant with loan offers or not.

The borrower has the right to reject any loan offer or accept the offer.

Loan consolidation

Loan consolidation

Did you know that combining loans through our site is also possible?

Calculate how much you have outstanding loans and apply for a consolidation loan for that loan amount below.

Old loans mean instant leases, consumer loans, installment payments, credit card debt, etc.

After completing and submitting your application, the loan application will be instantly competed with over 30 banks and finance companies.

You will get loan quotes for comparison and if any of the offers coming in are cheaper than your old loans, you will accept the offer and pay off the old higher interest payments in full.

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