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If you are short of money and need it quickly for a financial emergency, then a short-term loan will be the right option. These are loans that you have to pay back over a short period of time and can get quickly when you need them urgently.

Here are some details you need to know before you take out these short term loans.

An overview of the different aspects of short-term loans

An overview of the different aspects of short-term loans

What are the specific reasons for getting a short-term loan?

  • To deal with emergencies.
  • To meet the money needs until the next day of money availability.
  • If you are not able to obtain other types of loans.

Why are short-term loans too common?

There are several reasons behind this obviousness, here is the detail:

1 ) Low cost option

Compared to longer-term loans, the cost of capital for short-term loans is generally much lower.

Despite their higher interest rates, these loans accumulate interest for a shorter period. So, the total interest you have to pay is considerably lower.

As an example, for a 1.15% loan and if the loan amount is $ 1,000, you will have to repay $ 1,150 for the initial loan ($ 1,000). Thus, despite a higher interest rate, this type of loan will generally cost less than a longer-term loan.

2) Quick financing

The time required to obtain this loan is much shorter than in the case of a long-term loan.

The reason is that when the repayment term of a loan is longer, it makes the loan riskier for the lender and, as such, the loan underwriting process becomes more strict and complex.

On the other hand, because lenders consider short-term loans to be less risky because of their short payback period, the loan application process is therefore easier and you get quick financing.


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Online loans: what should you pay attention to?

Online loans: what should you pay attention to?

Companies often start investing, for example in a building, machines, equipment, inventory, et cetera. Or if you have been an entrepreneur for a while, you may want to expand to a larger building or your fleet. If your bank balance or financial buffer is not sufficient for this (or you do not want to use it), you are probably looking for a bank or institution that wants to finance this. You then take out a business loan . In the past you went to a physical bank, nowadays you can also take out online loans. But how do you make the right choice now? Especially if you are not a financial expert from home, it is worthwhile to spend time here and not to make a decision too quickly. You can of course also be advised by someone from your network who does have that knowledge.

Prepare yourself well

Prepare yourself well

You can at least do the necessary fieldwork yourself. The internet also offers various comparison sites and calculation tools for online loans. It is understandable that well-known banks and financial institutions attract your attention, but remember that they probably also calculate their overhead costs (offices, staff) in your loan.

Pay attention to the conditions

Also, never trust in shouts like ‘we are the cheapest’. If it is true, it is usually true only in absolute terms. However, the chances are that the conditions are less attractive than with other providers, which means that you are probably relatively more expensive or more at risk. Remember that taking out a business loan is a contract for a longer period of time. For example, a relatively small difference can increase considerably in five years.

The interest rate is what people often look at first and that is understandable. This determines how much you pay per month for your business loan. But there is more: what exactly are the conditions under which you lend? What exactly do you pay per month? Are administration costs charged? Are there penalty clauses that come into force if you do not pay or pay too late?

So there is enough to include in your comparative research. You may also consider how important it is for you that the lender actively contributes to a sustainable society.


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Save on your monthly costs by transferring your loan or mortgage

Save on your monthly costs by transferring your loan or mortgage

Taking out a mortgage or a loan can have major consequences for your monthly expenses. Especially a mortgage is often the largest amount you have to pay monthly fixed costs. But also a loan, depending on the size and type of loan can take off much of your monthly budget.

That is why many people also look around at other creditors to see if it is possible to transfer their mortgage or loan. With the transfer of your mortgage or loan you can save a lot of money every month.

But there are also disadvantages and you have to let yourself outweigh the benefits. Only then do you know whether it pays to transfer your mortgage or loan.

Exchanging a loan

Did you take out a loan at a time when the interest was still relatively high? This is the main reason why people want to switch their loans. With lower interest rates you save directly on your monthly expenses. But there are several advantages:

  • If you have multiple loans, it pays to combine them into one loan.
  • The possibility to reduce your monthly costs by paying extra.
  • The possibility to include loans with a backlog in a new loan.

A disadvantage could be that the lender has included a penalty clause in the policy to discourage disconnection. So you have to check very carefully whether the costs and penalties that come with the transfer, outweigh the interest rate cut.

A loan transfer is usually only advantageous if you pay a significantly high interest rate.

Transfer mortgage

You go to a mortgage for a longer period. Interest charges are also very important for a mortgage. With a few percent less interest you can already reduce your monthly expenses by tens of euros. But here too, there are several advantages to a mortgage:

  • Creating additional capital through lower interest rates.
  • A better fixed-rate period, so that your interest rate is longer.
  • Tax deductibility of the costs of switching.

Also with a mortgage transfer it is very common to pay penalty interest. This penalty interest can increase considerably. In addition, all sorts of costs also come into the process of switching.

If you do not finance the costs then this saves a lot. You have to check carefully whether the penalty interest outweighs the reduced interest. It is true that penalty interest and costs are tax deductible.

Crossing a mortgage is the most advantageous if the period of the fixed-rate period is due.


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One of the companies in which we obtain both a payday loan and multi-monthly loan.

One of the companies in which we obtain both a payday loan and multi-monthly loan.

Currently, when looking for loans, we have a lot to choose from, even moving only on the subject of verified and safe offers. I am talking mainly about retails which are very popular and the companies providing them grow like mushrooms after rain. However, as it turns out, the quick repayment date for some is a perfect solution. Some people get into debt because they can not repay the borrowed cash on time. The current article will be addressed to them and the main motto will be as follows. You are not able to pay back in 30 days? Do not take her, choose payday with installments!

Many people take a few minutes but can not pay them back on time. Most of them are plunged even more by extending the repayment period. What in the case of several such operations is completely not a place in my opinion. If we know that it will not be able to pay off the payday within 30 or 60 days, it is better not to take advantage of such offers and let us choose non-bank loans with monthly installments.

In each of the listed companies, we will get a loan with a long repayment period, so we can repay the borrowed cash within a month and a few or even a dozen or so months. In Zaplo, the maximum repayment period is 12 months, while in the case of other companies, we can spread the repayment period even for 24 months.

What is the cost of such loans? Of course, as you can guess cheaply will not be as it offers non-bank companies, which always will be more expensive than in the case of banking offers. However, these are safe loans and without exposing yourself to any unforeseen costs that arise out of nowhere. When borrowing for a period longer than 12 months, the loan costs may be quite high. They can come close to twice the amount borrowed. Fortunately, most companies place special calculators on their websites. With their help, we can easily calculate the loan installments and the total cost of the loan. And these are not the approximate values ​​to which banks have accustomed us, but the exact amounts we will pay back.

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