One of the companies in which we obtain both a payday loan and multi-monthly loan.

One of the companies in which we obtain both a payday loan and multi-monthly loan.

Currently, when looking for loans, we have a lot to choose from, even moving only on the subject of verified and safe offers. I am talking mainly about retails which are very popular and the companies providing them grow like mushrooms after rain. However, as it turns out, the quick repayment date for some is a perfect solution. Some people get into debt because they can not repay the borrowed cash on time. The current article will be addressed to them and the main motto will be as follows. You are not able to pay back in 30 days? Do not take her, choose payday with installments!

Many people take a few minutes but can not pay them back on time. Most of them are plunged even more by extending the repayment period. What in the case of several such operations is completely not a place in my opinion. If we know that it will not be able to pay off the payday within 30 or 60 days, it is better not to take advantage of such offers and let us choose non-bank loans with monthly installments.

In each of the listed companies, we will get a loan with a long repayment period, so we can repay the borrowed cash within a month and a few or even a dozen or so months. In Zaplo, the maximum repayment period is 12 months, while in the case of other companies, we can spread the repayment period even for 24 months.

What is the cost of such loans? Of course, as you can guess cheaply will not be as it offers non-bank companies, which always will be more expensive than in the case of banking offers. However, these are safe loans and without exposing yourself to any unforeseen costs that arise out of nowhere. When borrowing for a period longer than 12 months, the loan costs may be quite high. They can come close to twice the amount borrowed. Fortunately, most companies place special calculators on their websites. With their help, we can easily calculate the loan installments and the total cost of the loan. And these are not the approximate values ​​to which banks have accustomed us, but the exact amounts we will pay back.

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